Thursday, October 2, 2008

Travaeller's Mate: Kinamax MS-U3266

Kinamax MS-U3266

This USB Optical Mini Mouse 800 DPI is an excellent tool for mobile professionals. The 800 dpi resolution offers twice the accuracy of standard mice, and is ideal for graphics and web designers who demand pinpoint accuracy. It is small, lightweight, consumes virtually no room in laptop carry-bags, works on most surfaces, and needs just inches for accurate movement. This compact mouse fits easily into a travel pouch for easy storage.The ergonomic contour design offers comfortable use for hours; moreover, its greater speed reduces excessive and potentially harmful arm movement. This Mini Mouse also features a retractable cable that is quick and easy to manage, without the tangles and mess of standard cablesIts optical technology provides precise tracking on almost any surface. Just plug into the USB port and its works within seconds.This unit is USB ready, Plug-n-Play, and Hot Pluggable.

  • 3 buttons
  • 800 dpi Resolution
  • Retractable Mouse Cable
  • Support Inquiries:
  • Very Cheap Price

This tiny mouse is the best mate for travelers and laptop users, with its retractable cord make it convenient to manage and bring it with you everywhere you go. Its small size and light weight helps you to easily put it in your travel pouch. However, for people with large hand, at first you may find the difficulty to use it. But soon you will get used to it and love it !! Moreover, with its very good deal price, it's one of the cheapest mouse you can find in the same level of quality.

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